FOCUS Coaching : An Evidence-Based Approach

Dr. Racich provides Professional Coaching on a one-on-one basis (either with individual dentists or office teams). As a coach and tutor, Dr. Racich’s over-his-shoulder style, or over-your-shoulder style is customized to fit your needs, takes place at either your office or his. 
Please review Dr. Racich’s curriculum vitae found under About Coach section to support you in your choice. 
In sum, Dr. Racich lends his expertise on the following topics: 
  1. Single Tooth Dentistry (basic concepts, materials, techniques)
    1. Adhesion
    2. Tooth coloured restorative materials
      1. Composites (direct & indirect)
      2. Porcelain (veneers, inlays, onlays, all-ceramic crowns etc.)
    3. Cast gold (inlays, onlays, crowns etc.)
    4. Provisionals
  2. Implants
    1. Comparison of different systems
    2. Prosthetic phase (fixed & removable)
    3. Placement
    4. Grafting
      1. Soft tissue
      2. Hard tissue
  3. Occlusion
    1. What it is & what it is not
    2. Basic concepts & endpoints
    3. Equilibration (what, when & how)
  4. Multi-Tooth Dentistry & Interdisciplinary Care
    1. Facially generated treatment planning
    2. Smile design
    3. Dx work-up including practical use of instruments
    4. Orthodontic principles & endpoints
    5. Oral surgery: when?
    6. Endodontics/ periodontics (especially related to implantology)
    7. The pain patient (orofacial pain/ TMD)
    8. Prosthetics (fixed & removable)
  5. Practice Management
    1. Rekindling the excitement of dentistry
    2. Continuing education (what, where & why)
    3. Goals
  6. Practice Design & Layout
    1. Form
    2. Function
    3. Ergonomics
    4. Lighting
    5. Equipment